Future of DOOH is here at Intersection – Eye Tracking for Wayfinding Products

This is so cool!

Intersection: User Research Exploration: Eye Tracking for Wayfinding Products

As Experience Designers, we are constantly studying how people interact with technology. At Intersection, our design team is obsessed with understanding how people exist in physical spaces and cities. Our products strive to help individuals navigate through cities and transit systems by providing from maps and real time information to assist with decisions. From mobility to connectivity, technology has impacted how people exist in cities, but how has technology changed the way we design? The following will give you a glimpse into our process. How we learn, how we experiment with new methods, and over time how we push to make better products.

Details on background research and method applied: https://ixn.intersection.com/user-research-exploration-eye-tracking-for-wayfinding-products-f17db8c21ee3


Intersection used the accompanying Tobii Pro Software to analyze the participants’ video footage and to develop heat maps and gaze plots. Comparing the data artifacts with the participant’s qualitative research revealed information about perception.


This eye tracking experimentation provided invaluable information about how individuals interact with our digital products. We were able to study how individuals interact with our IxNTouch display from the first person perspective and understand what information stood out to them. We were also able to analyze the differences between what individuals say as they were interacting with the interface, and what they see, by inspecting the participant’s visual data. As we expand our suite of digital products, we will continue this research to further understand human perception and wayfinding in cities.


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