About me

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog! I am Darshan Radia, and I’m passionate about keeping up with the latest trends in the AdTech, MarTech Digital Publishing, Media, and Entertainment sectors. With over 20 years of diverse experience, I share my insights and analysis on industry developments with you.

A little about me:

Currently, I serve as the Managing Principal, Consulting & Solutions at LTIMindtree Limited., where I drive innovations in adtech, martech for our clients across the USA, Europe, the UK, Nordics, and APAC.

I earned an Executive MBA from the NUS Business School (Intake 29, 2020-2021), expanding my knowledge and skills in business and leadership.

My professional journey has seen me in various roles, such as Product Director, Consultant, Solution Architect, Business Analyst, and more, working with global agencies, adtech ISVs, media companies, and publishers.

I specialize in consulting, solutions development, pre-sales, digital transformation, strategy, customer relationship management, digital advertising, AdTech, MarTech, programmatic advertising, media, publishing, monetization, product innovation and development, technology leadership, and account and delivery management.

Join me as we explore the exciting world of AdTech, MarTech, Digital Media & Publishing, together!