Artificial intelligence: Implications on Marketing, Analytics and you – By Avinash Kaushik

Interesting blog post by Avinash Kaushik: ‘Artificial intelligence: Implications on Marketing, Analytics and you’

While the phrase Artificial Intelligence has been around since the first human wondered if she could go further if she had access to entities with inorganic intelligence, it truly jumped the shark in 2016. Primarily because we got our first real everyday access to products and services that used some form of AI to delight us. No more theory, we felt it! I’m going to take a very long walk with you today. This topic has consumed a lot of my thinking over the last year (you’ll see the exact start date below). It’s implications are far and wide, even in the narrow scope that I live in (marketing, analytics, influence).

The blog covers below topics:

  • AI | Now | Local Maxima.
  • AI | Now | Global Maxima.
  • What the heck is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Machine Learning | Marketing.
  • Machine Learning | Analytics.
  • Artificial Intelligence | Future | Kids.
  • Artificial Intelligence | Worry about Humanity.

Detailed article here:


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