The Advertising ID Consortium and its members!

The Advertising ID Consortium Announces New Member Companies and Support from The Trade Desk to Create the Largest Identity Collaboration on the Open Internet

The Advertising ID Consortium, the open identity solution for the digital advertising ecosystem, today announced new platform partners that have agreed to join the Consortium in addition to the three founding members — AppNexus, Index Exchange, and LiveRamp. Since the Consortium’s announcement in May 2017, the founding members have established a governance framework and product specification that includes an open and standardized cookie and accessible people-based identifiers, delivered in a secure, privacy-conscious omnichannel identity framework.

Additionally, The Trade Desk has agreed to support the Consortium’s identity framework by making its ID solution compatible with the Consortium’s Open Ad ID, a major step toward consolidating an open and ubiquitous solution.

The addition of major advertising technology platforms gives the Consortium critical mass as it expands to include publishers, marketers, and agencies. The following platform companies from both the supply and demand sides have signed term sheets to join the Consortium:

Additionally, The Trade Desk will join the Consortium’s board of directors. Read more:


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