IAB introduces DOOH Metrics Glossary

IAB introduces #DOOH Metrics Glossary for #agencies & #brand to evaluate, plan & buy Digital-Out-Of-Home more efficiently.

In order to make it efficient for agencies and brands to evaluate, plan, and buy Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) alongside traditional online media, the IAB DOOH committee has evaluated commonalities between terms, identifying unique terms to DOOH in the IAB’s DOOH Metrics Glossary.

The IAB’s DOOH Metrics Glossary groups the collected terms into 5 key sections:

  • Impressions Overview– the term “impressions” is the basis for currency in any CPM-based transaction, but depending on the type of research a network has done to arrive at an impression will determine its utility and comparability to other media. There are three commonly used forms of “impressions”, and this glossary will help buyers understand exactly what they are getting.
  • Common DOOH Terms– These include a variety of terms that are unique to Digital Out of Home that will have implications on what and how to buy.
  • Creative Specification Nomenclature– These are unique terms that provide insight into how a piece of creative is rendered and executed in Digital Out of Home formats.
  • Audience Targeting Terms– DOOH has the unique ability to deliver audiences in ways that are different than other media, in that it reaches consumers in places throughout their day. Be sure to understand the terms that will help you quickly identify how to apply DOOH to your plan for optimum performance.
  • Performance Measurement Terms– In addition to audience targeting, marketers should know common terms to ensure the campaign played as intended.

The IAB DOOH Committee, and especially those on the DOOH Metrics Glossary Working Group, worked tirelessly to put this project together. In recognition of their efforts the IAB would like to recognize the following participants:

  • Diane Williams, Nielsen
  • Dylan Mabin, Geopath
  • Rainbow Kirby, Clear Channel Outdoor
  • Cecelia Lang, Outfront Media
  • Ameet Shah, Prohaska Consulting
  • Ryan Pogy, BroadSign
  • Stephanie Gutnick, BroadSign
  • Paul Lenhart, Outfront Media
  • Adrian D’Souza, Intersection
  • Douglas Bideaux, Intersection

Detailed glossary here: http://doohglossary.www2.iab.com/


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