Whitepaper by iProspect and Pinterest | The Camera is the New Keyboard

Interesting whitepaper co-authored by iProspect and Pinterest: “The Camera is the New Keyboard – The answer to visual search for consumers in a discovery mindset”

Traditional search is like a left brain of the internet. Pinterest’s goal is to build the right brain of the internet: associative, visual, subjective and about possibilities and inspiration right for you. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that lets more than 200 million people discover over 100 billion ideas across every human interest categories – food, fashion, home, style, travel and more.

According to study by comScore, Pinterest is the top destination for people seeking new ideas and inspiration:

iProspect works with marketers over the last two decades optimizing for text based search and social. Pinterest offers a platform that combines a new type of visual search, offering powerful personalization with a canvas suited for brands. This combination gives marketers a new way to tap into latent consumer demand, acquire new users, harness more sophisticated taste-based intent data and, ultimately, drive sales.

Download the whitepaper from herehttps://www.iprospect.com/en/us/insights/whitepapers/the-camera-is-the-new-keyboard/#download


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