Amobee and AMNET France Announce Strategic Collaboration on Programmatic Buying

Amobee – a leading global digital marketing technology company serving brands, agencies and trading desks – and AMNET France today announced the influential trading desk has become the first in Europe to seamlessly activate programmatic media buying over Amobee’s self-service DSP with integrated audience buying across programmatic and social.

Through the strategic collaboration with Amobee, AMNET France will provide clients with integrated programmatic services across devices, contents and ad formats, enabling marketers to deliver seamless consumer journeys.

“Amobee’s DSP is interesting to us because of its unique ability to address programmatic display, video and social via one single platform,” says Marie Le Guevel, CEO of AMNET France. “With valuable audience and campaign insights, Amobee’s technology integration also allows us to interact with consumers in a more meaningful way. We’re excited to develop this strategic alliance and build momentum through increased efficiency and relevance.”

“We’re thrilled to see AMNET France embracing the self-service Amobee DSP,” says David Barker, Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Amobee EMEA. “The ability to streamline all programmatic strategies from start to finish over one unified platform will not only improve AMNET France’s ability to engage with the right consumer at the right time, but will also enrich the brand experiences of consumers.”



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