Google Rolls Out Location-Based Reminder Extension for AdWords

Location based targeting for AdWords Campaigns!

 In mid-November, Google quietly began experimenting with a new automated ad extension for certain AdWords desktop and mobile campaigns, allowing users to set location-based reminders directly from within a search ad. This marks the first clear integration between Google Now and Google AdWords, potentially giving advertisers two impressions for the price of one.

Mobile users that enable location services through the Google app and its Siri-like personal assistant software, Google Now, can set location-based reminders. These send an alert when they enter a specific physical area associated with a business, known as a geo-fence. Google has now integrated this reminder functionality directly into search ads, and users that have the Google App and location services enabled have a chance of seeing a “Remind me when I’m nearby” button with their ads.

Detailed article here:


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