Facebook Exits Ad-Serving To Focus On Buy/Sell-Side

Facebook Exits Ad-Serving To Focus On Buy/Sell-Side:

Facebook is exiting the ad-serving business. That business is LiveRail, the video ad server, SSP and publisher monetization platform it acquired in 2014 a year after buying Atlas from Microsoft. The announcement was made via a blog post to developers. Facebook claims the pull-out will enable it to focus on more profitable lines of business including its data-rich Facebook Audience Network (FAN). FAN logged $1 billion in ad spending in Q4. The sunset of LiveRail will reportedly affect less than 100 customers who will be transitioned to “alternative” ad servers or other publisher offerings from Facebook.

Source: https://adexchanger.com/ad-exchange-news/liverail-sunsets-ad-server-facebook-formalizes-new-buysell-side-focus/


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