Facebook just killed off its web supply in the Audience Network

Beginning on April 11, 2020, Facebook Audience Network will no longer fill any ad requests to web and in-stream placements. Facebook warned that campaign performance may fluctuate during the phase-out period. Read Facebook’s post on the change here.

But why make the move now?

Facebook is reading the writing on the wall, and the writing says: Third-party cookies are finally on death watch.

Audience Network on mobile web simply won’t work as the tracking will be blocked. That means neither the targeting nor the measurement will be available for Facebook, which is the core value of the model.

The larger question, though, is what will happen to Audience Network in the long term if Apple and Google decide to deprecate their mobile advertising IDs, which is increasingly likely considering the moves they’ve made on the browser side.

Read more here: https://www.adexchanger.com/platforms/facebook-is-killing-off-its-web-supply-in-audience-network-and-dont-be-surprised-if-it-all-shuts-down/


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