Google Moves Aggressively Into In-App Ads, Launches Open Bidding

Google launches new video ad format for the Playstore. In beta for gaming apps at the moment.

Google today announced plans to aggressively move into in-app advertising with the launch of new strategies to monetize mobile gaming apps through video and rewards, as well as an innovative bidding strategy for in-app ad inventory,

For starters, Open Bidding in AdMob will allow network partners of app developers to bid for every impression of advertising inventory simultaneously and in real-time.

Video ads coming to Play Store, along with playable ads in games

  • Google is testing out autoplay video ads in the gaming section of the Google Play Store.
  • The ads are only a beta test, but it’s hard to imagine Google not eventually rolling it out to everyone.
  • Additionally, playable in-game ads will start appearing in free-to-play games.

More details here:


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